Everquest Shaman Leveling Guide: This Verstaile EQ Class Gains Levels by Fuilfilling Multiple Roles

An Everquest player that wants to be a healer that is group friendly, raid friendly, and a class that can solo well should consider the role of shaman. The shaman player that enjoys trade skills can take up alchemy and sell potions to other players to play his class.

The versatility of the shaman is almost as great as that of the bard, although bards will always have better crowd control abilities, as the shaman is limited to using root. The shaman’s most important tool for leveling, grouping, and raiding is the slow line of spells which make the shaman’s opponent attack its target less frequently.

Everquest Shaman Leveling by Grouping

The shaman can play 2 group roles and can play both at the same time. As mentioned above, the Everquest shaman can use his slow line of spells to make the other people in his group, particularly the tank take less damage. Slows mean that the group needs to heal other gropu members less often and conserves the healer’s mana.

If a shaman is grouped with another healer, it means he can use his damage over time spells to help take mobs down quickly. Members of this class class learn to summon a wolf pet at level 34. This pet can be used to add to the shaman’s low damage per second, although the use of the pet in raids should be avoided.

Learning how to heal is tricky, but the shaman has additional tools, including powerful regeneration spells that add some passive heal over time ability and may make it possible to skip a heal or two on a caster or damage per second character who takes a little damage but then quickly loses aggro. During downtime, the shaman can regenerate his many pool by using a series of spells called lich spells.

Solo Shaman Leveling in Everquest

Shamans solo by using a variant of the root and dot method that can be used by druids and necromancers, but they are much better at it than the previously mentioned classes. The base tactic is the same, root a monster in place and then cast damage over time spells to bring its hit points down.

The very best shamans in Everquest can make leveling at level 50 plus faster by going after mobs that summon that can be rooted. This tactic is risky and it calls upon all elements of the shaman skills. The mob most be slowed, he must understand aggro control from dots and healing and he must make sure to keep the pet wolf that he has been able to summon at level 34 at his side. It is a tricky thing to do and is not easily recommended. Shaman leveling occurs the fastest in groups.

Suggested Zones for Shaman Leveling

Because Everquest’s content changes frequently, a list may become outdated a few months after an expansion is released. Newer zones may give better experience to allow a player to reach the highest levels faster, while older zones that were once popular grouping spots become deserted. With that being kept in mind, here are zones that a shaman can group or solo in to gain levels.

  • 10-20: Permafrost, Permafrost Keep, Blackburrow, West Karana, Blackburrow, the Warrens, South Ro, Feerrot, Swamp of No Hope
  • 20-30: Lake of Ill Omen, Paludal Caverns, Lake Rathe, South Karana, Highhold Keep, Oasis of Marr, Splitpaw Lair
  • 30-40: Overthere, Eastern Wastes, Great Divide, Kael Drakkar, Dawnshroud Peaks
  • 40-50: Kael Drakkar, Wakening Lands, Kithicor at night, Dreadlands, Velketor’s Labryinth
  • 51-60: Inner part of Thurgadian, Skyshrine Entrance, Cobalt Scar otters, the Grey, Akheva
  • 61-65: Bastion of Thunder, Plane of Nightmare, Plane of Diseease, Plane of Innovation
  • 65-70: Post Planes of Power Content

Final Words about Shaman Leveling in Everquest

Shamans find themselves equally useful at all levels of the game, and do not find their role changes much in group or raiding situations. Even a shaman who levels up by soloing will have some idea of what is expected of him, although his healing skills may be slightly below average. Even a mediocre shaman should never be in want of a guild, provided his skill at dealing with other people is acceptable.

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