Sword of the New World Classes: The Five Playable Classes in Granada Espada

Sword of the New World is unique in the mmorpg field. It is the first online role playing. Despite the game’s poor English, Sword of the New World offers much to the player who wants to spend a few pleasant hours in the new world of Granada Espada. Every player can control three characters at a time, and every character class has unique stances available to them.

What follows is a brief overview of the character classes available in the Sword of the New World mmorpg. Some are basics found everywhere, some are unique to the game or implemented in a unique way. The multiple character control feature lets a player choose different combinations of classes to suit his playstyle

The Warrior

The Sword of the New World Warrior character class fulfills the same function as the warrior class does in all other mmorpgs. The warrior is the tank of the game, and his purpose is to hold the monsters’ attention while other character’s in the player’s family or group either blast away at the monsters they face or heal as required.

The Musketeer

The Sword of the New World Musketeer character class is the ranged combat class. Musketeers start the game with one melee stance that does not require a weapon, the bare knuckles stance Musketeers specialize in rifles and pistols and the stances they receive enhance their abilities with range weapons.

Although musketeers were traditionally trained in both swords and ranged weaponry, musketeers are only allowed to engage in basic hand to hand combat in Sword of the New World

The Wizard

The Sword of the New World Wizard character class is not the primary spell damage class in the game. That role falls to the elementalist, but the wizard stances provided by the game increase the wizard’s ability to improve the stats of his family members of teammate.

The Elementalist

The Sword of the New World Elementalist character class fills the more traditional role of wizards in other online role playing games. The Elementalist has a variety of attacks based around natural elements such as air, fire, water, and the classical element of earth in the game has been replaced by lightning. Like the musketeer, it is a ranged class, but the elementalist never runs out of ammunition. (Some spells do require the expenditure of an item.)

The Scout

The Sword of the New World Scout character class fills the roles of high melee damage, healer, and utility depending on which stance a player uses for his scout character. Scouts are often used as automatic healers due to the automatic nature of the first aid and bard stances. They are also the only class in the game that can resurrect other characters.

Wrapping up Sword of the New World Classes

The classes in Sword of the New World may be only twists on classes that already exist elsewhere or implemented in a way that seems somewhat odd to Americans, but the multiple character control feature means that players can experiment with different strategies for the families that they control.

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