Star Wars Galaxies Macro Programming: A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Time Saving Scripts in SWG

A Star Was Galaxies player does not need to be an expert video game programmer to take advantage of the rich macro capabilities of the game. In fact, this game allows something many similar games do not, recursive macros. Whether a character is a Jedi who needsmacros for combat or healing, a trader wants to craft goods more quickly, or an entertainer who wants to speed up his experience gaining by using away from the keyboard grinding.

Star Wars Galaxies Macro Considerations

Unix and C programmers are already familiar with the idea of case sensitivity, but people coming form Visual Basic, Pascal, or with no programming background may not know about it. The commands to run a macro must be typed correctly, paying attention to the capitalization of the macro commands.

If a command is typed incorrectly, it does not ruin the macro as the Star Wars Galaxies client will simply go on to the next command. This is not a problem for entertainers and combat macros, but a macro with a bug in it is not useful for crafting. A trader character must make the items manually if there is a bug in a crafting macro.

Programming Recursive Macros in Star Wars Galaxies

Recursive macros are currently allowed by Sony’s video game designers, although the controversy about the use of recursive macros for away from the keyboard experience grinding continues. (If this information is incorrect, please e-mail the author.) A player who wants to program a recursive macro adds /<macro name> to the last line of the macro. This creates an infinite loop that will run a until a player cancels the macro or he loses his connection to the server.

Setting Up a Macro

Most macros access an action that the user sets up on a toolbar. Like many of the games released after Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies allows a player to set up multiple toolbars that may be required by his character. An in-game interface allows the user to set up a macro in a text box.

Most players will use two commands most often. The command /ui toolbarPane0# switches the current toolbar to the number specified by the command. The player can then send a command to perform an action on the specified toolbar using the /ui action toolbarSlot0# to execute the command that the button occupies, according to the Allakhazam’s Star Wars Galaxies macro guide.

These are the primary commands most players will use. Entertainers can use /flourish to exceute a dance move if they are a dancer or a musical riff if they are a musician. Traders using factories or other crafting devices can use a command called /nextC that brings the crafting device to the next crafting stage.

A Star Wars Galaxies player does not have to be a master programmer or a computer wizard to use macros in Star Wars Galaxies. A player only needs to know what the macro commands are and how to use them.

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